Moustafa Carlino ~ the origin of the name

Funny story, really. When I adopted my pug, I understood that his owner told me the dog's name finished with an ''A'' (I was to excited about the whole thing I didn't remember half of what he telling me) ; but I've been told that before renaming a dog, you might want to find one with the same ending sonority. Furthermore, I always wanted to give my dog a human's name, someone whom did something great in foreign history [this is where I feel like a politics geek].

Trust me, it's really difficult to find a name matching both of these criterias. In the end, I've went for Mustafa, refering to Mustafa Kemal, who was th founder of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. He made primary education free and compulsory, opening thousands of new schools all over the country. Turkish women received equal civil and political rights during Atatürk's presidency ahead of many Western countries.In particular, women were given voting rights in local elections by Act no. 1580 on the 3 of April 1930 and a few years later, in 1934, full universal suffrage, earlier than most other countries in the world.

Also, I've been studying some langages, but I do love the sound of spanish. The translation of pug would be ''Carlino'', and when I'm really happy to see him, I call him ''my little Carlito'', for ''my little puggy''. Since it's called a ''Carlin'' in french (I've grown in a french speaking family), I wanted to give him a second-name with something like that.

Anyways, all that to end my story by telling you that I was totally wrong. His named didn't finished with an ''A'' at all. Actually, his name was Zohan. If you compare the origin of both name, you can't help yourself but have a little smirk [here is my geeky politic side comes back]. I stilled decided to keep the name, because after a week, you're already used to it. I love him so much, he's my little sunshine. He's not my whole life, but he does make my life whole.


Thank you for reading :)


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