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Pug is basically the breed of the dog. Pugs are physically distinct from other dog breeds. Pugs are wrinkly dogs with short-muzzledface and of the curledtail. This specific breed has a fineand glossy coat and comesin various colours. They have somehow compact square body and well-developedmuscles. The origin of the pugbreed is from Chinaand then to Europe. This breed became so much popular in Western Europe in mid of sixteen Europe. Pugs were popularized by House of orange located Netherlands.

Queen Victoria of Europe in her times developed the passion for pugs and then this was passed to the all other members of the royal family. Pugs became most popular in the twenty-firstcentury when a lotof population of the world especially of western countries has shown their preference on pugs and the pugs were judged as the best in the World dog show in 2004.

Pugs are often described as the “much in little” as many pugs can be placed in a little place because they are so much little, cute, fluffy, aggressive, and they have much beautiful and charming personality. Pugs are easily loved especially by children. This breed is so much common in Western Europe.

People used to call pugs as “shadows” as the pugs are often followed by the surrounding owners around them not only because they are expensive, but they often crave attention and affection from the pug lovers who own them.

Pugs have a so much craving and charming personality that they are being attracted by each and every person whether he is a pug lover or not. Pugs are often called as the sign of peace, love, andaffection in some states of the world. Pugs are normally intuitive and are always sensitive to the moods of the pug lovers who basically owe them. Their impressions depend on the mood of their owners as they can be quietand docile depending on the mood of their owner and they can be vivacious and teasing because of the mood and behaviours of their owners.

Why pug lover?

“Love at first sight” is the question of fact that is often used in debates among lovers. Some people believe in the love at first sight and some people believe inthe love that is never ending love. The true love is the one which actually makes you know that you would not have made it without the one that is really very special. A true lover can see and feel the real love when facing and interacting with the pug. Pug is the sign of true love and this fact is really very common in today’s world among pug lovers.

Pug story, a real love story. Pug the sign of love, affection, attraction, andenjoyment.

As in today’s world of the 21stcentury, people really want to live a healthy, attractive, affectionate and lovely life free from routine issues. Issues exist everywhere; each and every person in the world is circulating in the routine tensions like workload, family and real-lifeproblems. People just want to live a lonelylife ata time they are free from their routine problems. Often we are tired of our routine businesses and need some change. A change that really makes us feels good and amazing. A change basically gives us the courageto move forward and live a lovely life.

We believe that it is difficult to have real love without loving pug and without loving the accessories that give the pug type impressions. It makes you feel what the real world is and what the real love is. Nothing can make you feel good and nothing can make you happy when you are alone at times in life, but pug and the accessories that have signs of a pug, graphics of pug, pictures of pug and impressions of pug does.

We “pugyou.net” team

We the “pugyou.net” team are promoting the pug love throughout the world by presenting the accessories that make you feel the love of a pug. Pug lovers appreciate our efforts and buy our products normally because we have everything that theyneed. Our sole purpose is to spread the pug love all around the world. We present and deliver high-qualityaccessories of each and every kind to spread and promote pug love all around the world. We are a themed pug store. Each and everythingwe present, we sell, we deliver is full of pug love.

We are presenting a lot of stuff that is of high quality, beautiful, attracting, affectionate, loving and amazing. Our products make you stand out from the world. We are very sure that you will feel different from the people all around if you use our accessories.

We present and deliver the stuff as per updated fashion and as per the requirement of the young generation. We prefer quality to quantity. We believe that hard work, sincerity can make you stand out. By using our products you will feel the real pug love and we are very sure that you will feel proud to be the pug lover, no matter whether you have felt such love before or not.

You can visit our site i.e. pugyou.net and visit our killer collections that are really amazing. We offer attractive discounts, deliver quality products and deliver the accessories free of cost. We believe our products are awesome and we have no past standards and trends of replacements of accessories by our beloved customers. We provide our customers withmoney back guarantee in case they are insecure about our products. Satisfaction of our customers is more important to us than money. We have high-qualitycontrol standards and high standards of customer service and customer satisfaction. And this is the only reason; our customers believe us and our products. Our customers believe that we are really playing a vital role in promoting the pug love in people all around the world and spreading the pug love all around the world in people, no matter whether they are the pug lovers or not.

Our accessories

We are presenting a differentkind of accessories that can be used in each and every perspective of life by each and every type of person whether he is a kid or young boy or young girl or a man or a woman. We are presenting hats and caps with signs, graphics of pug for little ones and younger and older ones. We are presenting T-shirts that make you feel pug love because each and every shirt has pug related prints on it, for boys and girls, mobile phone accessories, mugs of each and every type, totes and bags for every perspective whether for travellingor for school bags or professional bags. We are also very proud to present shirts, posters, andsocks that amazingshow, make you feel the real pug love whether you are a pug lover or not and whether you have a pugor not. Our accessories will really make you be the pug lover.


The shirts whether T-shirts or shirts that we present and deliver to you are of high quality and are very close to perfect as these can be. Each and every shirt and T-shirt is optimized with all type of prints regarding pug and pug love and will definitely be the favourite one of yours. These will definitely make you feel the pug love as they are fully designed so. Shirts and T-shirts are soft, comfortable and durable. Our accessories are spread shirt recommended and must own product. The shirts that we present and deliver are made of 100% cotton and we present them in a widerange of sizes. Our products are double stitched, fairly produced and triple audited products. These will definitely enhance the pug love in you. All shirts are properly optimized for awesome brilliance above all printing methodologies.

Hats and caps

The products that we present include pug hats and caps. Our caps and hats are made with 100% unstructured cotton and structured with an adjustablehook. It is the best fit for each and every person. Some are designed for sports purpose and some for common use. Caps that are presented for sports purpose are fashioned with an innersweatbandto wick the sweat away. Our caps and hats are printed with high quality and beautiful pug graphics and pictures that make you stand out in the crowd and make you feel the real pug love.


We also feel proud to introduce and present the pug mugs. Our pug mugs are designed in various shapes with a widerange of material and fashioned with pug designs and graphics. Pug on the mug is your companion and this companion brings a smile on the face of each and every owner due to its cute and wrinkly traits without the need for an owner to walk and feed while holding the mug. The strong-willed, quite aggressive, rare, docile, vivacious and teasing characteristics of a pugon the mug can suit all the moods and all the beverages and make you feel the real pug love.

Phone cases

Our products include pug phone cases that are the choice of the young generation. Each one in this ever-changingworld loves to have phone cases. Our phone cases are made of high quality and the printed pug pictures and graphics make you stand out in the crowdand can emerge the hidden pug love in you, no matter whether you are a pug lover or not.


Pug posters are the beautiful products presented by us in order to promote and spread the real pug love all around the world. This is the age where everyone loves to post postures at their favourite places. We offer amazing pug postures that are made and printed with high-qualityprinters. We deliver the best that you dream. Our products are easy to access, durable, credible and creative. It makes you stand out in the crowd. We are very sure that our products can enhance the real pug love in you and make you feel happy. We present, introduce and deliver the best pug arts to you.


We present the socks that are printed as ordered. Each and every pair of socks that we present and deliver is inspected properly for print perfection. Our products are not thin cheap products. We deliver the best for you. We deliver the socks that are of best colour, stitch, fit and most important thing is that our pug socks do not compromise the artworkwhen worn. These look awesome when worn because of awesome designs and arts. The printed and wavedpictures of pug and arts give the products different shape and make the person feel happy, satisfied and it makes the person have pug love and makes it stand out.

We are living in the 21st-centuryworld, where each and every person has a busy life. We have notenough time in this busy life to visit different places, feel the real love the real pug love. Pug is the sign of love and normally kept by the people all around the world. Pug is a bitexpensive and so it is a bitdifficult for a lot of people to owe the pug and feel the real pug love no matter whether they are pug lover or not. Our sole purpose is to spread the real pug love all around the world and so we are presenting different products and accessories of daily use that have the pug designs and pug arts printed and waived on the products. We are very sure that our accessories will make you feel and enjoy the real pug love. Our products not only make you feel the real pug love but also make you stand out in the crowd. So visit our site i.e. “pugyou.net” and get what you want. Visit, feel, promote and spread the real pug love.


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